Ratsherrn — Slow goes down smoother
Regionally grown, locally brewed, taking its time. As a small independent brewery located in the heart of the Schanze in Hamburg, Ratsherrn applies the best of craft to all of our most beloved beer varieties. Although this might sound like the perfect match for the sustainability-conscious Gen Z and Y, Ratsherrn was experiencing trouble growing among younger target audiences: The branding had become a little outdated and the messaging was lacking a clear point of view.

Given the highly competitive situation at the POS, an evolutionary approach was called for. We redesigned their brand, with a deep respect for its heritage – from updating the logo and colors to a new typography and image style. But most importantly, we helped them to find their strategic positioning as the alternative to standard industrial beer. We translated it into one simple, strong idea as the basis for all brand communication: slow. The first campaign under the new brand does not only celebrate their product for being slowly brewed, but also a slow lifestyle in general. It captures the Hamburg laid-back mentality and zeitgeist while pushing a real USP.
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“Leaving behind the familiar design and confidently developing a new corporate identity took courage. But the new Ratsherrn now perfectly aligns with the future direction of our family business.”
Niklas Nordmann, CEO
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