Off — To New Adventures.
When Munich camper rental start-up Off originally approached us, all they wanted was a new name. Instead, we developed a whole new brand together. Based on qualitative and quantitative research, we identified the path forward: more grown-up, more personal, and more real in order to effectively communicate the brand’s positioning around excellent customer service.

The new brand Off is the combination of an innovative mobility and a modern travel brand. It’s bold, it’s honest, it’s happy. It’s powerful and has its calm moments – just like when we take a little time off. Where all competitors advertise with glossy van life, Off proves their passion for camping through authentic and quirky imagery as well as insightful statements describing van life for what it really is: exciting, humblingly simple and a little bit messy. And isn’t that half the fun?
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“This being our first rebrand, we had a lot of questions. But the team at LIT was really patient with us, reminding us of the big vision and relentlessly pushing us to get the maximum out of the opportunity. We are all extremely happy with the result and feel like the new brand represents us as a team just perfectly.”
Paul Pizzinini, Co-founder and CEO
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