Gravis — Refresh different.
In 1986, German retail pioneer Gravis was the first and only Apple reseller in Germany. A lot has changed since then and today Gravis faces intense competition. The outdated brand neither reflected the brand’s innovative spirit nor its high quality standards, and had experienced increasing difficulties gaining traction among younger audiences. It was time for a refresh.

How do you transform a company that’s been around for almost 40 years? Only with great care and a genuine appreciation for its history. Through countless interviews and sessions with the CEO and Head of Marketing, we defined the way forward: Positioning the brand as a Premium tech provider with Apple at its core, while telling our very own story centered on excellent customer service.

The new design creates a minimalist appeal, with each element speaking for itself. From the bold logo and fresh colors to a font and image style with a highly personal touch – the Gravis brand stands out: Simplicity and clarity of the brand and its product portfolio, where others seem overly cluttered.
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“From the beginning, LIT really understood our heritage and took it seriously. The new brand embodies where Gravis comes from and at the same time, takes us into the future. From design and campaign to assortment strategy, the team always showed great expertise in a variety of topics, really helping us to make the new brand strategy come to life.”
Mirja Marek, Head of Marketing
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