IPAI — The Global Home of Human AI
Backed by some of the most influential public and private institutions in Germany, IPAI is driven by a unique vision: to be the global home of human AI. As part of the initiative, IPAI is currently constructing a 23-hectare innovation campus in Heilbronn – the space for AI experts and entrepreneurs to meet, educate and shape the future of AI collaboratively.

Our task was to translate their ambitious vision into a scalable design system suitable for a broad range of touchpoints. In order to strike the right balance between flexibility and recognisability, we created an iconic new look with a strong sign at its core, forming the foundation for a diverse set of icons. Together with the vibrant yet warm colours and image style, IPAI creates a new, humanist identity for AI.
Brand Design
Brand Strategy
Verbal Strategy
Logo Design
Brand Implementation
“For such an ambitious project like IPAI, which involves a wide range of stakeholders, a strong brand is needed to unite all of our values and goals under one roof. Together with LIT, we have developed a brand that perfectly reflects our brand essence – Human & AI.”
Jella Hauptmann, Brand management
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