Nuri — Celebrating new financial opportunities.
Hardly any start-up has grown as strongly in 2021 as the crypto banking company Bitwala. To strengthen its position and make its service accessible to a broader, more diverse audience, we were asked to realize a holistic rebranding with them: from strategic branding to design and naming to the final design of the touchpoints such as the debit card.

The new brand Nuri celebrates the new possibilities of innovative financial technologies with an optimistic, accessible and expressive look and feel. Introducing a new reality of banking that enables a better financial future for people – even to those who have not yet ventured to the subject of crypto.
Brand Design
Logo Design
Campaign Design
“LIT understood our vision and translated it perfectly into this outstanding, new brand. They bring in-depth experience to the table from working with numerous tech startups. As experts, as partners and as part of our team, LIT made it possible.”
Philipp Beer, Chief Growth Officer
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