Comtravo — Transforming the leading business travel brand.
With the market for business travel almost entirely standing still during Covid, you would expect any organization in this market to do exactly the same – Comtravo didn’t. As a fast growing start-up based in Berlin, Comtravo decided to use this time wisely: to grow as an organization and to grow up as a brand. We were asked to help and in the beginning of 2021, we embarked on our collective journey.

It quickly became clear: In such a radically transforming market, this transformation process was more than a modernization. This was about re-inventing business travel to become more purposeful, more individual and so much smarter. Led by strategy, we developed a brand that is both a leading innovator for the market and a personal companion for each traveller.
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“The LIT team understood the magnitude of the challenge - a radically transforming market, a unique business model and a quickly growing organization. They helped us to realize the full potential of our brand. Together, we developed a holistic solution that embraces all facets of Comtravo and will fuel our growth in the future.”
Lilo Klos, Head of Brand and Customers
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